Tucker Budzyn Illness: What Happened to Tucker Budzyn?

You probably know who Tucker Budzyn is if you like dogs. This cute golden retriever puppy has become a viral sensation. He has almost 2.5 million Instagram followers, 1.9 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.8 million Facebook likes. On June 11, his mom, Courtney Budzyn, gave an update to his admirers about a terrifying occurrence he had experienced. He is a good boy, the best type of boy.

The two were worried earlier that day, so on June 11, Courtney updated Tucker’s Facebook Stories with the details. They went on a walk with her husband Mike, she said. A large dog like a pit bull jumped out from behind their fence and snapped at Tucker’s throat.

The weird dog, she continued, was “totally attacking him,” and the sight was scary.

Tucker’s abundant fluff, as Courtney put it, “probably rescued him.” I’ve been looking for the blood all over him, but I can’t seem to locate it. She insisted that Tucker “seems like he’s OK,” despite her concerns.

Courtney returned to Facebook Stories shortly thereafter to fill in more details about what had happened to Tucker Budzyn, writing that she and her husband had double-checked his condition. The search had turned up nothing, she replied. “There were no signs of injury, and he seems to be recovering well. He does not appear to be in any pain.”

She described the scene as “very terrifying.” “Weirdly, Tucker didn’t try to defend himself. When attacked by a dog, he usually fights back and transforms into the Hulk “after that, she went on.

Courtney wanted advice on what happened to Tucker.

She reached out to her fan base for advice on what to do to aid Tucker and keep everyone involved safe.

‘I’m in the market for some guidance,’ she admitted. Her husband told her, “there was no way I would have gotten the dog” off Tucker if she had been the one to take him on a walk, and she said, “Because I don’t know what to do as far as that person didn’t have control of their dogs and there are older folks that go about with their dogs.”

She expressed concern about the safety of others, saying, “I don’t know who to contact to handle the matter.” Please share your thoughts if you have any.

It appears that her followers provided feedback and encouraged her to contact the police and have Tucker Budzyn examined by a veterinarian.

Tucker Budzyn Illness
Tucker Budzyn Illness

And that’s what she did. A police report was filed for Tucker Budzyn.

According to the latest information posted on Tucker Budzyn’s Facebook page, despite not being able to see any obvious injuries, Courtney did call the police and file a report, and she decided to get the dog looked out for.

She felt it was important to make it clear to her supporters that filing a police report was simply a matter of doing her homework and that she had no desire to see charges filed or ill-treatment meted out to the other dog.

In a Facebook post, Courtney clarified that she had filed the complaint “just to protect Tucker in case we found something wrong with him within the following few days.” “It would have been completely irresponsible on my part to not report it. Without a report, we cannot do anything about it. It is for our safety. We specifically said that we do not wish to press charges or have anything bad happen to the dog. The dog will be fine. They are issued a warning and that is all.

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