No More Tweep, Twitter Layoffs Will Be Emotional

Twitter Layoffs Will Be Emotional: According to those who specialize in the field, being fired from one’s job is one of the most mentally and emotionally taxing experiences a person may have in their whole career.

A Twitter Layoff Is Sure to Hit Hard on Emotions

Hundreds of laid-off Twitter employees tweeted under the hashtag #lovewhereyouworked.

They included an eight-months-pregnant product marketer, a creative director with more than a decade of experience, and a former engineering VP who vowed to help others.

Former employee: “Not a tweep anymore.” “What a blast!” #lovewhereyouwork was spot-on. To all the great individuals I’ve worked with, best wishes, no matter your side. Twitter was great.”

#TwitterLayoffs was the #1 trending hashtag in the US on Friday after the social media firm laid off half of its 7,500 employees. Behind the headlines and conjecture about Twitter under new CEO Elon Musk, many people are losing their jobs, analysts say.

Losing a job is one of the most stressful events most individuals will have, says Rutgers University’s Carl E. Van Horn. “It’s a major issue” Studies reveal that unemployment causes bad health and stress. Anxiety and depression are frequent. Job loss might cause substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.

Impending layoffs can be stressful. One study linked widespread layoffs to decreased birthweights. Layoffs later in pregnancy had the most impact. The effect appeared one to four months before layoffs were announced, presumably because individuals knew they were coming.

_Twitter Layoffs Will Be Emotional
_Twitter Layoffs Will Be Emotional

Research demonstrates that remaining employees are harmed when coworkers are laid off. Fear of getting laid off next and how it will affect money, social, and family life increases their stress. Research reveals many suffer from survivor’s guilt or failure. They have more work and feel less empowered.

An anonymous Twitter employee called the preceding day “jarring.” They spent the night checking Twitter for layoffs. Since Musk took over a week ago, the employee’s workload has increased. The guy is looking for other employment.

The guy said, “I’m sad for all my laid-off coworkers.” I hoped to get laid off. Van Horn said Twitter employees expected layoffs. Since before he took charge, Musk has hinted at huge layoffs. Layoffs are often unexpected.

Van Horn advised job-seekers not to wait too long. Job searches might take six months or longer. You should move swiftly toward new employment. Once you’ve recovered from the emotional toll of being laid off, apply for unemployment compensation, minimize wasteful spending, and update your CV.

Getting a job is a job, he added. Some may get lucky and get a job quickly, but the labor market is excellent, not fantastic.

While others may regard a layoff as a fresh start, data reveals that many people who’ve lost their job struggle to find a position that matches their prior wage and seniority. Hiring managers typically perceive overqualified individuals as a flight risk, she added. Boston College professor David L. Blustein says our employment depends on our ability to live.

“If people don’t have a safety net, such as savings, family income, or government help, unemployment can lead to significant anxiety,” Blustein said.

What can I apply for? What’s my specialty? Where do these abilities shine? Former coworkers and teammates are also hunting for employment, Van Horn added. He added Twitter’s former employees are well-educated with marketable abilities. It’s not like closing a small-town steel mill. Twitter has workers nationwide, and the job market is good, Van Horn added.

Experts believe any layoff is not a reflection of your job, notably Twitter’s, which decreased its workforce by half. Employers won’t care.

“Don’t be ashamed. Van Horn: “It’s not your fault.” “You lost your job because corporate leadership changed course.”

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