Ursula Andress: Net Worth, Career, Relationship & Much More!

Anna and Rolf Andress had six children, the third of whom was Ursula, who was born on March 19, 1936, in Ostermundigen, Switzerland. Heinz, Erika, Charlotte, Gisela, and Kàtey are some of her many siblings. As a child, Andress was raised by her grandfather when her father was banished from the nation for political reasons. When she was 16, she finished high school in Bern and then moved to Paris to pursue a degree in fine arts. Andress then moved to Rome, Italy, to work as a nanny.

Career Beginnings

In the mid-1950s, Andress began working in Italian films. An opportunity to meet the director of “The Sins of Casanova,” “The Catena Dell’odio” and “An American in Rome” came her way after attending a party.

Andress secured a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures when she arrived in Hollywood in late 1955. However, the arrangement did not lead to any acting jobs for her because she was reluctant to learn the English language. Andress was able to get out of her contract in the end by purchasing a new one. Her next contract was with Columbia Pictures, however, she never made a feature for the company.

After playing Honey Ryder in the first Bond film, “Dr. No,” Andress became an international star. She was dubbed by actress Nikki van der Zyl because of her thick Dutch accent. She became an immediate legend despite the fact that her voice could never be heard. Her most memorable moment was when she emerged from the Caribbean in a skimpy white bikini and knife in hand.

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Film Career

Andress starred in the 1963 Elvis Presley musical “Fun in Acapulco” following her rise to popularity in “Dr. No.” In the same year, she appeared in the Western comedy “4 for Texas” opposite Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Anita Ekberg. “Nightmare in the Sun,” “She,” “Up to His Ears,” and Italian-French satire “The 10th Victim” were among the five films in which Andress appeared in 1965, her busiest year yet on the silver screen.

Upon her return to the entertainment industry, Andress portrayed George Peppard’s love interest in the war drama “The Blue Max.” For her following two roles, she appeared in Once Before I Die and Casino Royale, a James Bond parody. She rounded off the decade with the Italian comedy “Anyone Can Play” and the action/adventure film, “The Southern Star.”

The British heist film “Perfect Friday” and the worldwide Spaghetti Western “Red Sun” both starred Andress in the early ’70s. The Sensuous Nurse, The Loves and Times of Scaramouche, Sex with a Smile II, and Double Murder were among the Italian films in which she appeared after that. Andress co-starred in “Slave of the Cannibal God,” a horror classic with Stacy Keach.

The comedic “Tigers in Lipstick” and the swashbuckling “The Fifth Musketeer” were her last films of the decade. “Clash of the Titans,” a fantasy adventure film starring Diana Ross, cast Andress as the Greek goddess Aphrodite in 1981. In the years that followed, her appearances in films became even more infrequent. Notable works since include “Red Bells,” the third and fourth “Fantaghiro” movie, and “Cremaster 5,” which was released last year.

Career in Television

Andress made her television debut on the anthology series “Thriller” in the same year as “Dr. No.” She appeared in a 1983 episode of the action-adventure series “Manimal” more than two decades after her first appearance on television. Andress went on to appear in episodes of “The Love Boat” and the miniseries “Peter the Great” after that. She appeared in a three-episode arc on “Falcon Crest” in 1988.


Andress has been romantically linked to a slew of well-known men. When she was 17, she allegedly had sex with the French actor Daniel Gelin, whom she married later that year. James Dean and Dennis Hopper were two of the stars Andress met after going to America. She then began an affair with married actor and director John Derek, who left his wife and family in 1957 to marry Andress, 19.

Andress’s affair with actor Ron Ely caused the couple to split in 1964, and they divorced legally in 1966. Actors John Richardson and Marcello Mastroianni, both of whom she had worked with in films, dated Andress after their divorce. Additionally, Andress shared a home with co-star Jean-Paul Belmondo for the better part of a decade, from 1965 to 1972. She lived with her co-star Fabio Testi from 1973 to 1977.

Her “Clash of the Titans” co-star Harry Hamlin, with whom she had a son named Dimitri, began dating Andress in 1979. In the end, they decided to part ways in 1983. Fausto Fagone, a man 30 years her junior, was Andress’s next long-term partner. In 1991, they broke up. When she wasn’t dating the likes of Ryan O’Neal, John Delorean, Franco Nero, and Helmut Berger, Andress dated Ryan O’Neal.

Net Worth

An estimated net worth of $25 million is held by Ursula Andress, a Swiss actress, and former model. Honey Ryder, played by Ursula Andress in the first James Bond film, “Dr. No,” made her a household name in 1962. In addition to “Fun in Acapulco,” “She,” “The Blue Max,” “Casino Royale,” “Slave of the Cannibal God,” and “Clash of the Titans,” she appeared in a number of other films. Numerous well-known men, including actors Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ryan O’Neal and director Harry Hamlin, were romantically involved with actress Andress.

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