Valorant Ion 2.0 Release Date: How Many Weapons Skins Added?

You can now purchase items from the Valorant Ion 2.0 collection. A collection of skins and cosmetics for Valorant weapons, the Ion, was launched in 2021 and quickly became a fan favorite. As one of the best-selling sets in all of Valiant, it’s only fitting to make the remaining firearms available in Ion form. New skins for the Ion guns Vandal, Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and Karambit Melee have been unveiled by Riot Games in time for Act 3 of Episode 5. Read on to learn about Valorant Ion 2.0’s features, price, release date, and access to all available skins.

Valorant Ion 2.0 Release Date

Valorant Ion 2.0 Release Date & Price

On Tuesday, October 18th, the Ion 2.0 lineup will be released. Though we don’t know the precise moment, we anticipate the collection will be uploaded at around 6 pm CEST / 5 pm BST / 12 pm ET / 9 am PT. We will revise the times accordingly as soon as we have more data.

Individual skins will likely cost 1,775 VP, the same as the Ion Phantom and other presently available Ion skins. Nonetheless, several color options are available for the new Ion 2.0 skins. Plus, we will revise the piece accordingly if this causes a change in their pricing.

All Valorant Ion 2.0 2022 Skins

As verified by Riot Games, five weapon skins are included in the Ion 2022 collection. These are the Karambit Melee, Frenzy, Ion Vandal, Spectre, and Ares skins. Several color combinations will be available for the Ion 2.0, including the standard black and white, the more exciting blue and white, green and black, and yellow and red. You can get the new Ion 2.0 skin pack, or you can get each skin separately. Finally, as soon as we have more photos, we will add them to the article.

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