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Popular acclaim is nothing new for Lin-Manuel Miranda. The actor and composer is a regular sight on red carpets and at award shows thanks to his roles in critically praised works like Encanto, Tick, Tick… Boom!, and In the Heights.

With two Emmys, three Grammys, and three Tonys already under his belt, Miranda has a good shot at becoming the youngest person to win an EGOT.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, author of Hamilton, rarely speaks publicly about his wife Vanessa Nadal or their over two decade long marriage. They’ve been married since 2010, and they have two young sons.

After Nadal tested positive for COVID-19 in March 2022, Miranda took the choice to boycott the Academy Awards as a preventative measure.

Nadal then took to Twitter to express gratitude to those who had expressed support following the news. Thank you to everyone who has said a prayer or sent positive energy my way.

She also made sure to thank her husband and cheer on Miranda’s coworkers from the films Tick, Tick… Boom! and Encanto, all of which were nominated for Academy Awards. She later commented, “Thanks to my loving family, I’m feeling better and back to normal.”

Then, who is Miranda’s most ardent supporter? Read on to learn more about Nadal’s marriage to her longtime companion. lets see Miranda and Vanessa Nadal both went to the same high school.

Miranda and Vanessa Nadal both went to the same high school.

Future Mr. and Mrs. Nadal met at New York City’s Hunter College High School. Miranda developed a mild crush on Nadal as a senior, but he was too timid to ask her out.

I haven’t had much success with women I find attractive, but she was stunning. When asked about his competitiveness in 2010, he told the New York Times, “Simply simply, I’m not really competitive.

A classmate of Nadal’s at Hunter, Laura Weidman, echoed this sentiment, saying that while Nadal focused intently on her schoolwork, Miranda was “a ball of activity” and the center of attention.

Vanessa Nadal

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Her goal in life was “never to be popular,” she insisted. Rather than focusing on her exams, she danced her way through the halls. here was Miranda and Vanessa Nadal both went to the same high school., lets see After unable to reach her by phone, Miranda turned to Facebook.

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After unable to reach her by phone, Miranda turned to Facebook.

In 2005, years after their final school encounter, Miranda mustered the confidence to contact Nadal through their mutual Facebook friend. After reading her profile, he felt compelled to invite her to a performance by his hip-hop improv troupe, Freestyle Love Supreme.

Despite their obvious interest, Miranda was too shy to approach him at first due to the crowds of people around them. He had a friend go and acquire Nadal’s details for him. A few weeks later, Miranda contacted Nadal to ask if she might attend another one of his performances, and this time the relationship truly took off.

My first thought when he walked out on stage was, “I really like this guy,” and I stand by that assessment. Up there, he was just making up rhymes and freestyling. The result is remarkable. When Nadal said he was “very intellectual,” he meant “really, really brilliant.” Fast forward a few months, and they were saying “I love you” and moving in together.

Here was After unable to reach her by phone, Miranda turned to Facebook., lets see Attorney and chemical engineer Vanessa Nadal.

Attorney and chemical engineer Vanessa Nadal

Nadal received a degree in chemical engineering in 2004, per his LinkedIn profile. She got her foot in the door with Johnson & Johnson’s R&D department after graduating college by interning there.

Nadal decided to quit Johnson & Johnson and attend law school at Fordham in 2007. She entered the workforce right after finishing college, and she worked for Jones Day until 2016, when she went solo.

Nadal started working as a part-time professor at her alma institution this year. A course on “the industrial, societal, and government regulation of cosmetics and other personal care items” purportedly had its origins with her involvement.

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