1 Dead, 19 Wounded as Vehicle Hits Apple Shop in Massachusetts

Vehicle Hits Apple Shop in Massachusetts: After driving into an Apple shop in Hingham, Massachusetts, an automobile caused at least 16 individuals to sustain injuries and one person to lose their life.

Accident at an Apple Store in Massachusetts

Authorities in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, confirmed on Monday that one person was killed and at least 19 others were injured after a vehicle plowed through an Apple Store in Hingham. According to a press statement from the local prosecutor’s office, the deceased has been identified as Kevin Bradley, 65, also from New Jersey. The DA’s office has said that the driver is not being named at this time.

Derby Street Shops was the site of many calls to 911 at 10:45 a.m., according to District Attorney Tim Cruz. In a short time, police and firefighters from Hingham arrived, and as Cruz mentioned, they found many injured customers inside the Apple shop. Cruz stated that a dark SUV suddenly appeared, “passed through at a rate of speed indeterminate,” through a “glass window,” and impacted many persons.

Responding units discovered “several patients injured out front of the business and in the store, including a couple of patients who were pushed against the wall by the truck,” Hingham Fire Chief Steve Murphy said at a press conference on Monday. It took seven fire trucks and 14 ambulances to treat the patients, Murphy added. The chief had no new information to provide on the victims’ situations. Cruz also noted that authorities were still in the process of informing family members before publishing the identities of the injured people.

As of Monday night, the District Attorney’s office in Massachusetts informed CNN in an email that 17 people had been sent to South Shore Hospital in Weymouth for treatment after the incident. Two further injured patients who had been brought to South Shore were later transported to Boston area hospitals. Dr. William Tollefsen, a physician at South Shore, said he was at the site of the incident to assist with triage and that among the injuries sustained were concussions and broken bones.

During triage, Tollefsen and his fellow first responders took shelter from the cold in a nearby restaurant. Dr. Christopher Burns, chief of trauma at South Shore, claimed that they had many patients with life- and limb-threatening injuries. Burns said on Monday that some patients had already undergone surgery while others were still waiting.

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Vehicle Hits Apple Shop in Massachusetts
Two patients are still being treated at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital said a representative for the facility. A spokeswoman for Boston Medical Center told CNN over the phone that the facility has three patients who are currently being treated there. It is unknown if patients that were moved to Brigham and Women’s or Boston Medical Center are counted in their totals.

According to Cruz, police are still looking into what caused the automobile accident. “We are investigating the driver of the car. We’re investigating the car’s current condition,” Cruz stated. According to Cruz, the driver of the car has not been brought to the hospital.

I haven’t heard that he’s been brought to the hospital just yet,” Cruz remarked. Right now, he’s with the cops. Cruz mentioned that it was the start of a holiday week when asked how many people could have been at the Apple shop at the time of the accident.

The Apple Store is, without a doubt, a popular destination. It’s the first day of the holiday week,” Cruz said. Consequently, I am unable to say with certainty how many persons were present; nevertheless, I am confident that we will eventually learn this information. About twenty miles south of Boston is the town of Hingham. According to the company’s website, the Apple store on Derby Street in Hingham is presently closed.

Unfortunately, this store is now closed, and we apologize for any difficulty this may cause. Please use our online services until we can reopen. Our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues and customers who were harmed and with everyone who was impacted by this awful occurrence,” Apple said in a statement posted on Monday. Apple issued a statement reading, “We are horrified by the awful events at Apple Derby Street today and the tragic loss of a professional who was onsite assisting recent renovation at the shop.” In this challenging moment, we are doing everything we can to help our team members and consumers.

In a quiet nook of the posh Derby Street Shops is where you’ll find the Apple Store, which has a huge glass front. The store’s front door looks out into a huge parking lot, which is used by hundreds of customers every single day.

During the winter holidays, the Apple Store and neighboring restaurants and stores see an influx of customers.

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