Who is Venus Williams Husband? Is Her Husband a Successful Businessman?

We have no question that Venus Williams, with her seven Grand Slam victories and four Olympic gold medals, will be remembered as one of the greatest athletes of all time. The 42-year-old’s dominance on the tennis court is incredible to behold, but we also adore getting a peek into her personal life through photos of her hanging out with her niece or goofing off with her sister, Serena.

Even so, we can’t wait to find out who Venus Williams is seeing. Who, if anyone, has she dated before? The tennis star’s rumored past relationships are detailed here.

Venus Williams Husband

Unlike her sister Serena, who is married to tennis player Alexis Ohanian, Venus Williams has never been married. As of right now, Venesa is a confident, single woman. She hasn’t even started dating yet. She claims to be “VERRRRY” single and maybe undateable in a 2021 interview.

Her followers were crushed, as they still held out hope that she was seeing Nicholas Hammond in 2019. She has been linked to several other men before Nicholas Hammond. Fans, however, remain curious as to who Venus is currently dating.

Fans may be taken aback by the news, seeing as Williams was reportedly dating Nicholas Hammond as recently as 2019. To continue…

Who is Nicholas Hammond?

Nicky Hammond, the heir to the Annenberg wealth, is a successful businessman. The billionaire attended Trinity School and then New York University after being born into a wealthy family. After that, he became a private financier for influential people.

Hammond had a secluded childhood, so he didn’t become a media darling until he met Williams.

Williams and Hammond Dated for How Long?

Williams and Hammond Dated for How Long

In 2017, Williams and Hammond began dating. The former pair attended Serena and Alexis Ohanian’s wedding and were frequently caught engaging in public displays of affection. And Hammond could frequently be spotted cheering for his fiancée from the stands. They finally parted ways in 2019.

The tweet also shows that the couple splits now:

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What Other People Has Williams Dated?

Following her split from Hammond, rumors began to circulate in 2021 that Williams was seeing fellow tennis player Reilly Opelka. But it seems like they’re simply pals and nothing more than that. When asked by a fan during an Instagram Q&A if she was dating Opelka, she said, “No @ReillyOpelka shot me down.”

Williams dated professional golfer Hank Kuehne from 2007 until 2010, before she started dating Hammond. The Cuban model Elio Pis, with whom she collaborated on her EleVen collection, was supposedly an item for her in 2012.

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