Vicki Lawrence Illness: What Disease Does Vicki Lawrence Have?

Vicki Lawrence’s tummy started itching when she was out with her dogs. It started on her arms and by the time she came home, it had spread to her back, buttocks, and legs. She said to Closer, “I got large red welts everywhere.”

The actress, most well-known for her roles on Mama’s Family and The Carol Burnett Show, was subjected to a battery of allergy tests over the next six weeks. She subjected herself to frigid baths and lathered on menthol and camphor creams to alleviate the pain. She says, “I was quite frustrated.” It’s a lonely illness because no one else can understand. People’s responses to hearing that you have hives typically involve some variation of “Well, put on some lotion and come to the party”

Vicki Lawrence Illness
Vicki Lawrence Illness

Vicki Schultz, 71, acknowledges that without her husband, Al Schultz, 78, the father of her children Courtney, 45, and Garrett, 43, it would have been much more challenging to persevere. Al, a makeup artist she befriended while filming The Carol Burnett Show, was a “solid support system,” she adds. She believes you’ll always have a good time if you marry your BFF.

Vicki was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria after weeks of tests revealed no external source for her itching (CIU). Although CIU cannot be cured, it can be treated.

The celebrity is working with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to spread the word to the 1.6 million Americans who suffer from chronic hives that there is relief available. “I haven’t seen a hive now in a good number of years,” she says.

According to Vicki, “finding a good allergist who is familiar with CIU and figuring out how to manage the symptoms” is crucial. World Urticaria Day celebrated annually on October 1, has also contributed to reducing the social stigma associated with chronic skin disorders. Vicki claims that is an excellent resource. “It’s full of useful data that people can put to good use.”

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