Viking Wolf: What is the general consensus of Viking Wolf?

A few hundred years ago, the Vikings were too interested in werewolves. In other words, for real. Ancient raiders were interested in stories and myths about wolves, which they called “Ulven.” The story is told over and over again in Viking literature, and valves were seen as both scary and powerful symbols.

The Norwegian horror movie Viking Wolf (Vikingulven), which was made by Trollhunter’s John M. Jacobsen and directed by Kings Bay’s Stig Svendsen, is about this interest in the Norse. In a quiet town in Scandinavia, a group of friends goes through a series of scary events that are shown in the movie.

In the movie, we follow Thale and her family as they get used to their new home in Nybo, Norway. Thale is at a party to meet new people when an unknown beast attacks her and kills one of her new classmates in a brutal way.

A human being? Animal? Something that has been around for what seems like a thousand years and has DNA from both people and animals? And it’s not clear why Thale feels so strange right now.

What does Viking Wolf involve?

A group of Vikings on their way to steal from the area were said to have found a dog in the basement of an abbey in Normandy. The only thing was that it wasn’t a dog at all. That dog was sent straight from hell, and it killed everyone in the village.

Now, in the present, Thale, a 17-year-old newcomer to the town, watches in horror as an unknown beast attacks a fellow student.

She has no idea, to be honest. As she recovers from the trauma and deals with some strange side effects, the community must find a way to stop the vicious beast before it destroys everything in its path.

Viking Wolf Review

I’ve seen a lot of Norwegian stories on Netflix, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Norway is one of the best places for fantasy fiction.

The Netflix original movie Viking Wolf gives the werewolf genre a new look by mixing in parts of Viking exploration, history, and mythology with the parts that people have come to expect.

A movie that Stig Svendsen and Espen Aukan wrote and that he directed. Viking Wolf is a good book for people who like myths, fantasy, horror, and, of course, werewolves.

Thale, a teen in Viking Wolf played by Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne, and her parents just moved from Oslo to a rural area. Thale is not from the town. She moved there when her mother, Liv (Liv Mjones), got a job with the local police force.

But violence interrupts Thale’s new life when she leaves their safe zone and goes to a party. A student is brutally killed, and Thale is the only person who saw what happened.

Viking Wolf


The attack has all the signs of a wolf attack, but it is more violent and bigger, and Thale and her family become the focus of the hunt for the beast. The town is being scared by a monster as Thale tries to get over the terrible things that have happened to her.

I don’t like title card exposition, but it does its job in Viking Wolf, which is to explain the plot to people who don’t speak Norwegian without taking away from the story itself.

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This lets the story grow naturally over the course of the movie, instead of having to keep saying over and over that Vikings and werewolves go together.

With a nod to Viking history and mythology, Viking Wolf explores the origins of werewolves and the danger they pose to a peaceful village without ever feeling like a history lesson. Instead, the audience is expected to learn along with the characters by picking up hints as they are given.

When it comes to scary parts, Viking Wolf does not disappoint. But because of the cutaways, the kills don’t happen in the right order. Even though the movie is slow, it makes up for it with emotional choices that Thale and her mom have to make as they try to figure out what to do.

It might seem less important to watch out for your family than for the town and the people you swore to protect. Even though the killings are scary, the central ideas of the movie are about the tensions that can come from a mother’s love and the question of which responsibilities should come first.

This is because Liv Mjones and Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne, who plays Liv’s mother and Thale’s daughter, give such strong and moving performances.

But the special effects in Viking Wolf are really something to see. Even though the werewolf in the movie is just a big wolf, his fur and facial design gives him a personality.

Many of the wolf’s interactions with people make people feel real emotions, instead of making the animal seem like an awkward intruder. As the wolf interacts with the people around her, we see both how weak and how dangerous she can be. The visual effects are beautiful and scary and should be praised.

Unlike most werewolf stories, Viking Wolf doesn’t end in a neat way. There is no hero, no rescue, and no kindness for the girl who is trapped by the wolf. The story is hopeless and frustrating because it doesn’t end, but in a way that makes the reader happy.

Even though the violence in the movie isn’t exactly well-paced, it’s still worth seeing because of how it shows the inner turmoil of the characters. This movie isn’t for you if you want to see big, bold werewolf attacks. But you’ll find someone easier to hit.

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