Watch Volicia of Pluto, the Yuri Sci-Fi Robot Anime, Now on YouTube with English Subtitles

The whole animation has started to stream on the official Volicia of Pluto website under the title “Vapor Trail Another Age 2006” (Bsei no Volicia: Dai Issh: Kka). You can view the video below till August 31. There are subtitles in both English and Japanese for the video.

Below is a link to the anime’s trailer.

From July 3 to July 9, the anime was shown at the Osu Cinema in Nagoya.

The voice actors and characters in the anime are (unofficial character and voice actor romanizations)

  • Mahiro Kusaka as Akio Hoshigami
  • Miho Mashiro as Ayano Umisoe
  • Rinka Haruse as Sora Yamada
  • Natsuki Ochiai as Honoka Satō
  • Miku Ichinose as Shiori Aratae
  • Yūto Arai as Hoshi no Sadame (Fate of the Planet)
  • Yuna Hachiman as Kasumi Yamabe
  • Yūdai Noda as Miko 2
  • Yui Hayashi as Miko 3
  • Karin Sakuragi as Miko 4

23-year-old The director, editor, screenwriter, animator, and cinematographer are all credited to AsH. The sound effects were handled by Kona a.k.a. Fukutarau, and the music was written by nagiha. Cooperation in production is attributed to Zerogosha.

The tweet below confirms the news:

The anime is set in 2006 and centered on Akio Hoshigami, a track and field star who is forced to give up her goal due to a leg injury. Together, Akio and her friend Ayano Umisoe transferred to high school. Akio gradually begins behaving more like herself again as she engages in new hobbies and makes new acquaintances. Then Ayano abruptly vanishes one day.

On the Campfire platform, a project continuation is now being crowdfunded. As of publication, the initiative had raised 440,500 yen, or about $3,100, toward its overall target of 1 million yen, or approximately $7,040. The sequel is scheduled for winter 2024 if the Campfire campaign succeeds, which has an expiration date of August 31.

Before this one, AsH produced two additional anime. The English-subtitled version of the 2021 anime Gekijban Vapor Trail, which runs for 35 minutes, may be seen on AsH’s YouTube channel. Penetrate Blue, a 25-minute anime by AsH from Vapor Trail Another Age 2824, was released in 2022 and is also on YouTube.

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