What Arlo Cameras Work With Homekit? A Nifty Guide

Smart house hubs make it easier to control home automation devices like light bulbs, thermostats, door locks, and security systems that are all connected to each other.

Whether you already have an Apple Homekit or are thinking about getting one, you might wonder if you can connect your Arlo cameras to it.

A number of Arlo cameras are HomeKit-ready. For HomeKit to operate with Arlo devices, both the Arlo Smart Hub and the Apple HomeKit hub must be linked to the same WiFi network.

HomeKit is an advanced home automation solution that will make your life easier and make you feel safer. However, if you don’t know if your devices are compatible, getting everything hooked up can feel like an overwhelming task.

Find out if your Arlo camera is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and link it to your control panel.

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1. What is Apple HomeKit?

2. Are Arlo Cameras Compatible with Apple Homekit?

2.1. Which Arlo Cameras Will Work with HomeKit?
2.2. Do Arlo Doorbells work with HomeKit?

3. What are the Benefits of Connecting My Arlo Camera to Homekit?

3.1. Organization
3.2. Automation
3.3. Customization
3.4. Voice Control
3.5. Use Apple TV to Live Stream Your Alro Camera
3.6. Receive Arlo Motion Notifications on Your Phone
3.7. Share Control of Your Home
4. Is Connecting to HomeKit Safe?
5. What arlo cameras work with homekit? Final Thoughts

What is Apple HomeKit?

The Apple HomeKit smart home system gives you complete command over all of your connected home’s smart appliances.

Apple’s Home app makes it easy to control your home’s security system and other smart devices from practically anywhere on the globe.

However, you must ensure that the hardware you are trying to connect is HomeKit compatible for the devices to be able to talk to one another.

Are Arlo Cameras Compatible with Apple Homekit?

Though not all Arlo cameras are compatible with Apple HomeKit, there are numerous models that do.

If you want to use HomeKit to link your security system, you’ll need an Arlo camera that’s compatible with Apple’s platform.

The Arlo SmartHub and the Apple Home Hub need to be connected to the same WiFi network before you can access Arlo devices with HomeKit. Arlo SmartHub firmware updates, the Arlo app, and the Apple Home app are all necessities.

Once you have everything you need, there are two ways to link your Arlo camera to the Apple Home app. Detailed guidance on how to accomplish this is provided below.

Which Arlo Cameras Will Work with HomeKit?

The HomeKit-enabled gadgets can be found on Apple’s website. The following are examples of compatible Arlo cameras:

Arlo 1080p HD Child Monitor

The Camera for Floodlights of the Arlo Pro 3 Generation

The Arlo Pro 3 is a 2K wireless security camera.

The Arlo Pro 4’s Highlight Camera

The Arlo Ultra is a Cordless Wi-Fi Security Camera.

All of these modern cameras can be used with Apple’s HomeKit system.

Any time a new product is released, look for the Apple HomeKit logo on the product page.

You may also check compatibility by contacting Apple or Arlo if you can’t find this logo.

Do Arlo Doorbells work with HomeKit?

Only Arlo’s wired doorbell fully supports Apple’s HomeKit system at this time.
This device is made for the front door and uses the home’s existing doorbell wire to send alerts to your phone whenever it senses motion.

What are the Benefits of Connecting My Arlo Camera to Homekit?

Connecting your Arlo devices to Apple HomeKit allows you to manage and view your cameras from a centralized location.
If you have the right hardware, setting this up is easy, and once it’s up and running, you’ll enjoy a lot of benefits, like being able to access your home’s security systems from afar and a lot of other useful features.


With Apple HomeKit, you can put all of your electronic devices in their proper “zones” or “scenes” in your home.

This eliminates the need to download separate software for each piece of hardware on your network, allowing you to manage your smart home from a single interface.


Scenes are a great way to automate your house by grouping together various gadgets.
Scenes can be set up to run on their own based on location, time, or even user input.
For example, the Alro doorbell can be set up so that it automatically turns on a porch light when it senses someone coming up to the front door.


If you’re searching for a flexible camera system, Arlo is a fantastic option. You have full control over how each camera’s video quality and motion detection are set.
Not only can you set up alerts based on custom activity zones and object detection, but you can also set them to go off at specific times.

Voice Control

Access your cameras with Siri when you add them to HomeKit.

If your cameras are set up with the Home app, you can use Siri to operate them remotely.

Invoke Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch and say, “Show me the backdoor camera” to instantly access the footage from any location.

Use Apple TV to Live Stream Your Alro Camera 

HomeKit integration makes it possible to view live footage from your Arlo Camera on your Apple TV. Show me the kitchen camera, Siri. Just turn on the TV. Just select the “live stream” option and you’ll be ready to go.

Receive Arlo Motion Notifications on Your Phone

By integrating with Apple HomeKit, you can be alerted of suspicious activity even while you’re not there.

When you connect your Arlo camera to the Photos app on your iOS device, you can use facial recognition to see who you’ve tagged in photos.

When someone is spotted on your camera, you’ll get a notification on your smart speaker with their name and description.

Share Control of Your Home

With HomeKit, you may give anyone permission to use your smart home technology.

You can adjust their access levels and give them command of your house from anywhere once you’ve extended an invitation.

In the event that you have a house sitter or a guest staying with you for a lengthy period of time, this is an excellent idea. In the event that you no longer wish to grant that person access, you can do so at any time by logging into the app and erasing their information from the settings.

Is Connecting to HomeKit Safe?

Since HomeKit lets you give anyone access to your home, you may be worried about how safe it is to connect an Arlo camera to it.

After all, you’re using these to protect your home, and if an intruder can control them remotely, so can you.

Connecting to HomeKit will, in fact, make you safer.

When it comes to video, Apple has made a concerted effort to ensure that the HomeKit system is as secure and private as possible.

With HomeKit Secure Video, your data is safe since your iPad, HomePod, or AppleTV does the analysis and then encrypts the video of any motion events before sending it to iCloud.

Apple furthers the security of remote access by requiring two-factor authentication.

As with any other sensitive information, your password has to be protected. Create a robust Apple ID password and keep it safe by not sharing it with anybody.

What arlo cameras work with homekit? Final Thoughts

Quite a few individuals now use Apple’s HomeKit to control their home security cameras and other connected electronics.

Arlo’s array of security cameras offers a lot of flexibility and customization options, but not all of them are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit system.

If your home is lacking in security, connecting it to HomeKit will not only create a powerful way to control and automate your home, but it will also add an additional layer of security.

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