What Happened To Dr Brenda On Dr Pol

A common childhood ambition is to work in the field of veterinary medicine. It’s a dream come true to spend the day tending to the health of one’s animal companions. Many people give up on their childhood ambition when they learn about the long hours and unpleasant processes involved. Thankfully, series like The Incredible Dr. Pol let fans live out this desire without having to deal with actual blood, guts, puke, or feces.

The Amazing Veterinary doctor Jan Pol and his family and employees in Weidman, Michigan are the subjects of Dr. Pol, a documentary about their efforts to keep the town’s animals healthy.

This National Geographic Wild series has aired for twenty seasons and may be seen on Disney+ or in its original airings on television. Fans have grown attached to every member of the cast, even Dr. Brenda, who was conspicuously absent from season 18. This led many of her supporters to assume that she had parted ways with Dr. Pol, which was not the case at all. Let’s start at the beginning and figure out how Dr. Brenda ended up working with Pol Veterinary Services.

What Happened To Dr Brenda On Dr Pol

Who is Dr. Brenda?

Brenda Grettenberger, MD, was born in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. She grew up on a dairy farm and always knew she wanted to do anything that involved working with big animals. She got her veterinary degree from the MSU College of Animal Health. After finishing college, she answered a help-wanted post published in the AVMA newspaper. In 1992, she began working at what is now Pol Veterinary Services. Since then, she’s been working with Dr. Pol without any complaints.

Who is Dr. Pol?

Jan Pol, MD, was born in the Dutch city of Wateren. He knew he wanted to be a vet from the time he was 12 and helped birth a litter of piglets on his family’s farm. During his junior year of high school, he went to Mayville, Michigan, to attend a school there. He met a stunning girl named Diane, and the two became fast friends. Following his graduation from Utrecht University Veterinary, he emigrated to the United States to practise veterinary medicine. Dr. Pol had been employed by another veterinarian for some years before deciding to go into business for himself. In 1981, he founded Pol Veterinary Services. Where is Dr. Brenda now that she was supposed to join the team ten years ago?

Where is Dr. Brenda?

In a Facebook Live session, Dr. Pol’s son Charles answered this question squarely. He said, “We’ve heard several stories on the Dr. Pol Facebook page, that Dr. Brenda is perhaps leaving the clinic or has left the practice. I’m just hoping to put an end to the speculation. Brenda, MD, has not resigned from her position. They’ve finally given the fans some good news. Consequently, we must inquire: Where has she been?

This was something that Charles discussed as well. According to him, there was no sinister plot at work in her disappearance. Life and work obligations got in the way. As he put it, “She had some things that she was doing a year ago. People were probably worried that they wouldn’t see as much of her in a former season because of this. She was kind of a runner and she had a hectic life, so that explains everything. Because of this, they had less success filming with her. However, she hasn’t left yet. Therefore, you shouldn’t stress about it. We’re fortunate that Brenda can stay with us, and she’s still here. She’s wonderful, and she’s worked with Dr. Pol for decades. I can’t picture Brenda not being a part of Pol Veterinary.

The viewing public agrees with Charles and can relax knowing she will continue to assist them in pursuing their inner veterinarian while remaining comfortably ensconced in front of a screen and away from any noxious odors.

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