What Happened To Hyde From That 70s Show: Co-stars And Netflix Response To Danny Masterson Absence

If you have a penchant for throwback comedies, That ’90s Show is likely on your DVR. Popular characters like Fez, Kelso, Jackie, Donna, and Eric all make appearances, however, there is one prominent cast member who is conspicuously absent: Eric. Finally, we know why you won’t find Hyde on That 90s Show.

The hit teen sitcom That 70’s Show has been reimagined into the animated series That 90’s Show. Leia, Donna and Eric’s daughter (played by Callie Haverda), Jay, Kelso and Jackie’s son (played by Mace Coronel), Gwen, Brooke, Ozzie, Nikki, and Nate are among the new group of kids in Point Place, Wisconsin in the reboot.

Throughout the first season, Kitty and Red Foreman’s residence became a regular hangout for many of the original cast members. One of the original team members, however, is never seen or acknowledged, not even in a flashback.

What Happened To Hyde From That 70s Show?

In 2020, Danny Masterson, who played Steven Hyde on That ’70s Show, was arrested and charged with three counts of rape committed between 2001 and 2003. Neither Netflix nor any of the original That 70’s Show cast members have addressed the issue of Hyde’s disappearance.

Masterson entered a not-guilty plea to all three accusations in 2021 and went to trial; however, the trial ended in a mistrial in December 2022 because the jury could not reach a verdict. The actor has scheduled a new round of appearances for March of 2023. The actor was accused in March 2017 while he and fellow That 70’s Show alum Ashton Kutcher were filming The Ranch for Netflix.

Ortega, a journalist, talked with the three women who said Masterson abused them after they joined Scientology. He said that one of the alleged victims had approached ex-Scientologist Leah Remini and told her what had transpired before he posted the allegations online. Remini allegedly told the woman to go to the police when she did so.

I spoke with the LAPD. While speaking with Ortega, Remini said, “I visited with Detective Reyes [of the robbery-homicide division, who was assigned the case], and I told her these victims to deserve to be heard.” I pleaded with her to do what was right for these girls, warning them that everyone is watching. Masterson’s representative denied the sexual assault allegations in a statement to Us Weekly the same month.

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We are aware of [the victim’s] accusations from 16 years ago. The woman “only brought allegations of sexual assault by Mr. Masterson after she was in contact with Leah Remini,” the representative stated at the time.

In spite of the claimed incident happening halfway through their six-year relationship, she remained his long-term partner. After women accused Masterson, a New York native, of stalking and physical invasion of privacy in 2016 and 2017, they went to the Los Angeles Police Department.

A second victim came forward; she was an ex-girlfriend of Masterson’s. ‘I kept my mouth shut for long enough. I was raped multiple times by Danny Masterson, Bobette Riales tweeted at the time. All I want is justice, and I don’t want this to keep happening to other people. In the end, my words will be heard.

According to Masterson, “This is beyond ludicrous.” I refuse to engage in the public feud with my ex-girlfriend that she has been trying to provoke me into for over two years. “I will beat her in court— and look forward to it,” he boasted to Us Weekly at the time. “The public will finally be able to learn the truth and see how I’ve been railroaded by this lady.”

Co-stars’ Response To Danny Masterson’s Absence

Co-stars Response To Danny Mastersons Absence

There has been silence from Danny Masterson‘s former co-stars concerning his absence from the spin-off.

As if to defend Masterson, Topher Grace said in a 2018 interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he was hesitant to bring up sexual assault charges against their co-star since they never saw this behavior. While they may have suspected such conduct from Danny, they never really saw it.

Grace, who described himself as “boring,” said he never went out with his co-stars to “party” after the show. Continue reading to know Netflix’s response.

Netflix’s Response To The Show’s Decision To Remove Hyde

Over-the-top media server To yet, Netflix has not issued a statement regarding Danny Masterson’s departure from That ’90s Show.

Netflix, however, issued a statement explaining its decision to dismiss Danny Masterson from The Ranch. In 2018, they tweeted about continuing the show without him. Kutcher, who co-starred with Masterson on The Ranch, has been silent regarding the Netflix show.

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After Masterson was let go from the Ranch TV series, he released a public statement. He expressed his displeasure with Netflix’s decision to kill off the character. Know something about the 90’s show in the next paragraph.

Talking About That Old TV Show That 90’s

One of the most popular offshoots of the classic sitcom That ’70s Show is That ’90s Show. Donna Pinciotti and Eric Formam moved back to Wisconsin as Eric became older in the pilot. They came to spend the Fourth of July with Eric’s family and bring along their only child, a girl. But Leia spends the summer there.

The Season 1 opener will also feature the first appearances of Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso. Jay, Leia’s new companion, is actually the son of Kelso and Jackie, as was eventually disclosed to the audience. At the same time as news of their upcoming marriage became public, the couple made a return trip to the Forman home to collect their son.

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