What Happened To Sharkeisha: What Happened to Sharkeisha After The Fight?

What Happened To Sharkeisha, A video that went viral in late 2013 showed a young woman named Sharkeisha viciously sucker-punching her classmate ShaMichael Manuel. The incident was caught on camera. Is Sharkeisha Dead? You can find every detail down below.

The online community had reason to believe that Sharkeisha, the Houston adolescent who became infamous for sucker-punching her friend Shamichael Manuel, had passed away. The Twitter handle @LilButtSHAR is credited with starting the rumour, and a story on Huzler.com had a role in its subsequent dissemination, as stated by The Hollywood Gossip.

Following the widespread distribution of the World Star Hip Hop video, a user on Twitter asserted that they were Sharkeisha. By uploading a picture of a hurt woman resting in a hospital bed on Friday, “she” caused a stir on the social networking platform by setting off a panic among users. According to the user of Twitter, her name is Sharkeisha.

The individual depicted in the picture is restrained to the hospital bed using handcuffs, and her leg is immobilised with a brace. The image was published on December 27 by @LilButtShar, better known as “Queen Sharkeisha,” along with the following caption: “2 shots, 12 stitches, and still breathing.” LORD, WE ARE GRATEFUL. #PrayForSharkeisha.” It has been favourite nearly 1,000 times and retweeted nearly 3,000 times since it was posted.

Who Is Sharkeisha?

The case of Sharkeisha provides further evidence to support the claim made by sociologist Maurice Halbach that the Internet never forgets. The proliferation of digital technology and its increasing use have both contributed to making the situation worse.

You run the risk of being the topic of conversation online for several days, weeks, or even months if you don’t exercise extreme caution in everything you do or publish online. What’s even more amazing is the speed with which you may become a meme, gif, or target of scorn for the rest of your life due to the fact that the internet retains receipts

What Happened To Sharkeisha

.source: dailymail.

Late in 2013, a video of Sharkeisha taking involved in a physical altercation gained widespread attention on the Internet, and as a result, she became an internet sensation. On the video, it could be seen that she was punching her fellow student ShaMichael Manuel.

What Happened To Sharkeisha

By retweeting anyone who used the hashtag #PrayForSharkeisha, the user looked to be seeking to attract attention to the @LilButtSHAR page in order to bring awareness to the page. It gave the appearance of having been successful, as users flocked to the Internet to establish whether or not the notorious puncher had passed away as a result of her hoax injuries, particularly when this message was uploaded by “Queen Sharkeisha:”

The Thompson family want to express their gratitude to everyone for their support, saying, “We would like to thank everyone for their sympathies and prayers during Sharkeisha’s time of need.” This is something that is truly appreciated.”

It appears that the rumour has progressed from wounded to dead after it was stated by Huzlers.com that Sharkeisha had passed away as a result of a tragic drive-by gunshot. According to what was said on the website, Sharkeisha Thompson was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a hospital in the Fifth Ward early on Friday morning at around 3:30 am. On the other hand, Huzlers.com is a comedy website.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the picture was not of Sharkeisha but rather of Karen Brim, 42, who had previously been featured in an article published in The New York Post.

What Happened to Sharkeisha After The Fight?

The video quickly gained widespread attention as meme stars shared startling versions of it online. Surprisingly, the vast majority of viewers thought the video to be humorous, which drowned out the voices of the few astute individuals who understood that the clip depicted a horrific assault. The images that were taken of ShaMicheal showed that she had a cut lip and a black eye.

Even though the assault happened almost eight years ago, memes based on the footage are still circulating on various forms of social media. Sharkeisha became an internet phenomenon after she was attacked by a shark. If their mutual acquaintance hadn’t captured and circulated the video, no one would have known about the attack that Sharkeisha committed on ShaMichael.

As a direct consequence of the video, Sharkeisha was taken into custody and charged with assault.

As a result of her arrest, Sharkeisha has become more private on social media, most likely in an effort to avoid the attention that the viral video brought with it. On the internet, a user account with the handle @sharkeisha babyy is still active, but we have reason to believe it is a hoax account.

This profile utilises a mugshot that belonged to Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson, who was 22 years old at the time of her arrest in Charlotte, North Carolina, in August 2011. If the account belonged to the Sharkeisha seen in the video, she would not have used a phoney mugshot to represent herself.

Twitter user Queen Sharkeisha celebrated her newfound reputation in the days that followed the attack by posting tweets on the social media platform. “I’m trending in Africa!” she said in one of her tweets. “I was completely unaware that they even had Internet access there. I have a sense of renown.”

Queen Sharkeisha amassed a following numbering in the thousands and maintains her activity. However, only those users that Sharkeisha has given permission to can access her tweets.

Where Is Sharkeisha Currently in the Year 2022?

Over the course of several years, numerous rumours concerning Sharkeisha’s passing have circulated. The first version of events stated that she was killed in a hit-and-run accident. The second person stated that she had been murdered in a drive-by shooting together with her buddy, who had survived the incident.

However, contrary to what most people believe, she is still alive and in good health today. Now based in New York City, Sharkeisha models for clients on the social media platform Instagram. In spite of this, she maintains a modest profile both in real life and on social media platforms.What Happened To Sharkeisha

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