When Joelle Rich Met Johnny Depp, Was She Married?

In the eyes of the media, Johnny Depp’s romantic relationships have always been intriguing. We’ve heard rumors about every woman he’s ever dated, every woman who’s ever been alleged to have a crush on him, and even his lawyer, Camille Vasquez.

This time, because of his severe rumored connection with attorney Joelle Rich that he’s making news again. We will examine their history together and Rich’s life when they began dating.

Joelle Rich helped Johnny Depp’s Lawsuit Against The Sun Over Abuse Allegations.

While Johnny Depp may have prevailed over Amber Heard, he was no match for The Sun in 2018. Depp and his team sued the newspaper because it had falsely accused the actor of being an abuser.

While on the losing side, Joelle Rich belonged to Depp’s squad. 12 of the 14 articles published by The Sun were determined to be factual, which came as a massive surprise to Depp and his staff.

Following the ruling, Depp’s legal team said they would appeal the decision.

Mr. Justice Nicol, the judge, said the Sun had shown the article’s claims were “basically true.” Twelve of the fourteen cases of domestic abuse were confirmed by his investigation. According to BBC, Mr. Depp’s attorney has deemed the verdict “perverse” and claimed that the Hollywood star plans to appeal.

While The Sun praised Amber Heard for having the guts to speak up for all victims of domestic violence, the verdict has not held up well. It is unclear at this time if the defamation trial’s result will be reconsidered in light of subsequent events.

When Joelle Rich Met Johnny Depp, Was She Married

During Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Defamation Trial, Joelle Rich Was Spotted Outside the Courthouse

In 2018, Depp’s lawyer Joelle Rich came out on the losing end of a case. However, Rich made it a point to show up to Amber Heard’s defamation trial. She wasn’t part of Depp’s legal team; she was just a friend who happened to be in town.

Regularly, she could be seen outside the courthouse, speaking with Johnny and his legal team; as reported by E News, “On May 3, Rich was seen chatting with the actor outside the Virginia courthouse; she was not representing him in the case. Towards the end of the month, she was caught hugging Camille Vasquez, Depp’s attorney in the United States.”

The two seem pretty popular now, although tabloids and sources say their relationship is nothing new. It has been reported that Depp and Heard secretly met up before their current legal turmoil. Plus, Rich has a rich history, having been married and father to two kids in the past.

Joelle Rich is Presently Going Through a Divorce

Recent rumors imply Rich was already married when she began dating Depp, as reported by Us Magazine.

“According to the informant, Rich was already married when she met Depp, but she is now getting a divorce. The couple’s two children were born during their separation.

Depp and lawyer Camille Vasquez were closely associated during the slander lawsuit, and their relationship has now become public knowledge. Fans may not have known it, but Depp has been secretly close to another attorney, and rumors are that the two are pretty serious about their relationship.

A source close to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, 59, tells Us exclusively, “Their chemistry is off the charts.” The lawyer is an attorney. That’s how serious things are between them. It’s further said that “They are the real deal,” with Us Magazine.

Depp’s latest headlines have brought him back into the public eye, while Heard appears to be keeping a quiet profile.

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