Where Does Braydon Price Live: Who is He Dating?

Many people have found inspiration in Braydon Price, a popular YouTube creator. In the YouTube world, he is unrivaled when it comes to crafting outdoor-themed videos. Watching Braydon’s Moto-vlogs and Extreme Adventure videos is a must if you share that interest.

Where does Braydon Price Live?

At the moment, Braydon Price is a resident of North Carolina in the United States. He was raised in North Carolina and is a naturalized U.S. citizen. Since he seems to constantly be on the move and in different locations, many individuals are curious as to where he resides.

Where Does Braydon Price Live

Is Braydon Price Dating Someone?

In 2019, YouTube star Braydon confirmed his relationship with his girlfriend Maddie in a video. In all of his videos, this was the first time the Youtuber had ever spoken about his girlfriend. In the entire video, he was accompanied by his girlfriend Maddie, appropriately titled GIRLFRIEND. Discovers CRAZY stuff in the forest.

In addition, his girlfriend appeared in another video of his in 2020, in which she rides an RZR with him. When it comes to his romantic life, Braydon keeps quiet. Regarding his lover Maddie, he never participates in the conversation. Consequently, we have no idea when or how the couple first started dating.

What is the Net Worth of Braydon Price?

Braydon, a popular YouTuber, is quite wealthy, with a net worth of $1.5 million. He makes the vast majority of his money via his YouTube channel. He has 1.27 million subscribers and more than 330 million views on his channel, where he routinely uploads two to three videos per week.

He reportedly earns $1700 daily from the commercials on his films, which have an average of 330,000 views every day, according to many sources. He also earns a lot of money by selling his goods, which include things like hoodies, phone cases, stickers, and so on.

How Old is Braydon Price?

Currently, Braydon is 20 years old. If we consider his accomplishments, it is hard to believe that he is so young. His birthday is August 24th, 2000, making Virgo his astrological sign.

Further, his parentage is currently unknown. On the other hand, Braydon just recently shared a post honoring his dad for Father’s Day. As he and his dad carried a huge fish around, Braydon took a selfie and captioned it, “Happy Father’s Day, everyone!” Check to watch the video if you want to see my dad and I SMASH some MONSTER CARP! “It just went LIVE,” you might say. And that was the only time he mentioned his family.

Braydon Price House

In February of 2021, Braydon made his first major purchase—a house—and he even made a video tour of it to share with the world on YouTube. In the video, he brags about his mansion and the enormous pool that sits on 1.5 acres of ground. After utilizing the home for a year or two for work, he intends to rent it out for the next fifteen years.

The property has several features, including a large open yard, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two-car and three-car garage adjacent to the ground floor, and more that he describes in the video. Fans have asked him to share some of the content from his new home, and he intends to do so.

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