Where Is Rick Singer Now: What Is Operation Varsity Blues?

let’s see Where Is Rick Singer Now, Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal is the Netflix true crime documentary that everyone is talking about right now. It is all about the scheme that Rick Singer was in charge of.

William “Rick” Singer got $25 million from parents who were desperate to get their kids into the best colleges in the country. This scandal was the biggest of its kind in American history. More than 50 people, including big-name celebrities and CEOs, were caught paying up to millions of dollars for Rick’s so-called “back door” into college.

The Netflix documentary is mostly about Rick, who came up with the idea for the scam. He would take bribes in the form of “donations” to his foundation, and in return, he would fix up kids’ resumes by photoshopping pictures of them playing sports, changing their test scores, and in some cases, even having someone else take the tests for them.

He is said to have helped unfairly get children from more than 750 families into college over the course of more than 20 years.

He had no idea that the FBI was on to him. Rick’s phone calls were being listened to, and the whole scheme fell apart when one of the college coaches Rick was working with and giving bribes to tell the police what was going on. So, what has Rick been doing since the FBI looked into the scandal as part of “Operation Varsity Blues”?

Who is Rick Singer?

The singer is said to have been born in 1960 in Santa Monica, California. He grew up playing sports and went to Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, to study sports. He played on both the basketball and baseball teams. According to USA Today, his “ultra-competitive streak” made him a “lightning rod” on campus.

The singer used this energy to become a coach at Sierra College, a junior college near Sacramento, California, in the 1980s. The singer is said to have gotten his start in college recruiting at Sierra. Jeff Caraska, a columnist for the Auburn (California) Journal who talked to Singer in 1988, told USA Today that Singer was telling parents, “I can get your kid’s name out there and increase their chances of getting a Division I or Division II scholarship.”

Caraska told USA Today, “No one did that back then, at least not around here.” “Parents were pretty happy about it,” he said. The singer quit coaching in the end and went into college counseling full-time.

Where Is Rick Singer Now

At the end of the Netflix documentary, we learn that Rick Singer pleaded guilty to his role in the college admissions scandal and is now waiting to be sentenced. Now, he can’t get into colleges through “back doors.” The singer pleaded guilty in March 2019 to conspiring to commit racketeering, money laundering, fraud against the US, and obstructing justice. A $500,000 bond got him out of jail.

Where Is Rick Singer Now

source: thetab.

It has been said that Rick Singer is now helping the people who are looking into the case. In the documentary, we saw him set up phone calls with his “clients” that the FBI was able to listen in on. Rick Singer has not been to jail yet, though. He could get up to 65 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of $1.25 million.

A month after he said he was guilty, Singer sold his house in Newport Beach, California, for $2.52 million. The money from the sale was given to the federal government as part of his plea deal, says the U.S. Attorney’s office in Boston. It sounds like the house has a spa bathroom, a fire pit, and a gourmet kitchen.

In the meantime, he signed up for college, which is kind of funny. The singer went to Grand Canyon University in Arizona because, as his lawyer said, he wanted to change his life for the better. He was getting a Ph.D. in psychology and hoped to finish it in 2021 or 2022, before he was sentenced.

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But he only finished five of the 20 required classes, and after eight months, it was said that he was no longer going to school. A court filing said that Singer had gotten three Bs and one A in school and had written the first part of his dissertation. Rick Singer has not yet been given a date for his sentencing hearing.

Where is Rick Singer now after Operation Varsity Blues?

Rick pleaded guilty to all of the charges against him on March 12, 2019. These charges included conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and obstruction of justice. Still, because he helped the government with its investigation and pleaded guilty, he might get a lighter sentence than the other people involved.

So far, he hasn’t been given a sentence. “There is no sentencing hearing planned at this time,” says the U.S. Department of Justice website. Rick is said to have tried “to change his life for the better” over the past two years. According to AZCentral.com, he went to Grand Canyon University in November 2019 to get a Ph.D. in psychology.

His lawyer said that Rick had hoped to be almost done with this academic goal by 2021 or 2022. However, he ended up dropping out after taking five courses in July 2020.

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