White Boy Rick Arrested in Miami for Hitting Girlfriend

A man who was arrested in Miami on Tuesday on allegations of domestic abuse and whose time as an FBI informant in Detroit as a young teenager inspired a Matthew McConaughey movie.

The youngest FBI informant ever, whose true name is Richard John Wershe, allegedly got into a confrontation with his girlfriend at their Edgewater apartment on Saturday after unintentionally calling her another woman’s name during their sex. This is according to Miami Police. After that, he allegedly assaulted her, tossed a shoe at her, and stole jewelry from her person.

After speaking with police on Tuesday, Wershe, 53, was detained, charged with robbery and violence, and lodged at the Turner Guilford Knight correctional facility early on Wednesday. Later on in the day, he was released on a $5,000 bond.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Wershe, who joined the FBI at the age of 14, served decades in prison after being found guilty of having eight kg of cocaine when he was just 17 years old. He was only finally freed in 2017 because to a social justice effort, and after being locked up once more in Florida for an unresolved auto theft case, he was released from prison in 2020.

The alleged altercation with his four-month girlfriend took place last Saturday at around 4 a.m. in an apartment in Quantum on the Bay, located at 1900 N. Bayshore Dr. According to the police, after reportedly throwing a shoe at the woman but missing, he approached her and hit her in the chest, leaving a bruise.

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Nabih Ayad, Wershe’s Detroit-based attorney, claimed that the woman made up the narrative while attempting to steal his client’s watch and that the incident she claimed occurred never happened.

Our opinion is that it never took place, Ayad stated. She seized his watch and made a police call-out threat. And she reported that he had hit her. Mr. Wershe would undoubtedly consider a motion to dismiss on the grounds that this was fabricated.

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