Who Died In Bts: What Happened To South Korean Band?

Who Passed Away in BTS: BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, let’s see Who Died In Bts band from South Korea that was established in 2010 and made their debut in 2013 under the Big Hit Entertainment label. Recently, people have been searching the internet for answers to topics such as “Who Died In BTS” and “Which BTS Member Died.” A good many of BTS fans were taken aback when they discovered that they had to search the internet for solutions to these questions. As a result, the responses to these queries have been brought up to date and included in this article. Find out who passed away in BTS down below.

Who Died In Bts?

It has come to our attention that Jonghyun was not a member of the band known as BTS; rather, he was a member of the K-pop band known as SHINee. No BTS Member ever died (Yet)!

The news that Jonghyun had passed away not too long ago came as quite a shock to the followers of the band BTS. The popular South Korean singer Kim Jong-Hyun passed away on December 18, 2017, as has been widely reported. The members of BTS known as Suga and RM broke the news to their fans.

The passing of Jong-Hyun

Kim Jong-Hyun was an integral part of the BTS squad and was one of its most important members. He took his own life on December 18th, 2017, when he was 27 years old and living in the Cheongdam-dong neighborhood of Seoul. On the 18th, he arrived at his flat somewhere about noontime.

Who Died In Bts

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Later on, his older sister, Kim So-dam, discovered his body in the apartment at approximately 4:42 p.m. He had died there. She contacted the authorities by dialing 911 to report that his brother had taken his own life.

According to his sister, Jong-Hyun intended to end his life by taking his own life. He communicated this desire to his sister through a series of messages that included phrases such as “final goodbye” and “say I did well,” amongst others.

At approximately 6:10 p.m., the police came at the apartment and discovered Jong-Hyun unconscious. After that, he was transported to the Konkuk University Hospital for treatment. In the event of a cardiac arrest, he was also given CPR as an emergency treatment, but he did not regain consciousness.

In the end, the medical staff at the hospital determined that he had passed away at approximately 6.32 p.m. According to the findings of the study, Jong-Hyun breathed in harmful gases or smoke, possibly including carbon monoxide. As a result of the fact that the detectives discovered remnants of coal briquettes on a charred frying pan in his flat. The police also indicated that the family of Jong-Hyun refused to allow a post-mortem examination, which is another reason why they concluded that his death was a suicide.

What Happened To Kim Jong-hyun?

At approximately 6:10 p.m., officers and emergency personnel entered Jonghyun’s leased apartment and found him unconscious on the floor. He was transported to Konkuk University Hospital as he was in the process of going into cardiac arrest. In a critical scenario, cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed on him.

He did not regain consciousness, and his death was officially announced at the hospital at 6:32 p.m. when he was 27 years old. The fact that they found coal briquettes that had been burned on a frying pan when they arrived at the apartment gave investigators reason to believe that he had died as a result of inhaling hazardous smoke or fumes.

Because the family of Jonghyun requested that an autopsy not be performed, the authorities presumed that he had committed suicide despite the fact that they would not perform the autopsy.

The memorial service for Jonghyun began on December 19 in the afternoon at the funeral hall located within the Asan Medical Center located within the Pungnam-dong neighborhood of Seoul.

A public funeral was held over the course of three days, and a number of celebrities and fans came to pay their respects, including BTS, IU, BoA, Girls’ Generation, and Exo. Additionally, individuals from all corners of the globe came to pay their respects to the artist. On December 21, Jonghyun’s body was transported from the hospital to a private funeral service, which was only attended by his immediate family and a few close friends. He was later laid to rest in a place that has not been made public.

What happened to the BTS band?

It is highly important that you find out who a talented member of this well-known band passed away at such a young age.

A young and talented singer who was part of this band, unfortunately, passed away. On the other hand, news of the singer’s passing quickly spread throughout the media. People are looking for the footage in great detail in order to gain an accurate image of the incident that led to the death of the person.

Music fans and anyone who cared deeply about the band are in for a rude awakening as a result of this news. It was a huge obstacle for the squad to overcome. Due to the loss, it will take a significant amount of time to rectify the problem.

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