Who is Joelle Rich Husband? Reason Behind Her Divorce

According to the New York Post, when London-based lawyer Joelle Rich began seeing Johnny Depp, she and her husband, with whom she has two children, became “estranged.”

This week, Rich has been all over the news since a source said she was seeing Johnny Depp, 59. In 2018, the libel attorney met Depp for the first time when she defended the actor in a libel dispute against the UK newspaper The Sun.

As reported by the Post, Joelle Rich and her husband were at odds at the time and are now in the midst of a bitter divorce.

Partner of Depp’s Lawyer Files For Divorce

A source close to Us Weekly reports that the London lawyer and her estranged spouse are now in the midst of the divorce procedure. According to the insider, “Rich was married when she met Depp but is now divorcing her spouse.”

However, according to the New York Post, Rich and her husband had already separated when she encountered Depp at his trial in 2018. During the early stages of their relationship, the tabloid said the couple “hooked up surreptitiously” at hotels.

Although Oscar nominee actor Jim Carrey had Rich on his defense team during his UK libel trial, she did not defend him earlier this year in the widely publicized US lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. But she showed up at the courthouse in Virginia to show her support for Depp.

There was no business necessity for her presence. The source informed Us Weekly that it was a private matter. The Focus has contacted Depp for comment and is waiting for a response.

Who is Joelle Rich Husband


Who is the Husband of Joelle Rich?

Jonathan Rich, Joelle’s spouse of eight years, is a director at Bluebox Corporate Finance Group. Jonathan is 38 years old. Rich earned a first-class degree in economics from the University of Birmingham in 2005 and has since established himself in the field of corporate finance.

He began his career in assurance at PwC in 2007 while pursuing and passing the Associate Chartered Accountant exam in 2009. At a later time, Rich moved to PwC’s corporate finance division, and then almost four years later, he switched to Bluebox.

According to a local newsletter for North London College graduates, Joelle Rich (née Rashti) and Jonathan sealed the marriage in 2011. Their wedding in the Tuscan countryside was a grand affair, attended by about 300 people. The couple now has twin children.

Brides Magazine Covered Joelle and Jonathan Rich’s Wedding

It was reported in the July 2011 issue of Brides magazine that the couple had a “fantastic” wedding in Florence, and the publication commended the venue for its exclusivity.

The property that Rich and her husband rented was used in the 1986 James Ivory film A Room With a View. Villa di Maiano, located in the hills between Florence and Fiesole, was built in the 15th century and has been the subject of filmmaking fantasies since at least the 1950s when it caught the attention of director Franco Zeffirelli.

When asked why she and her husband chose to get married in Florence, Joelle told Brides magazine in 2011 that it was because of the synagogue. There was plenty of room for tables and a “large dance floor” on the property.

According to the report, “this is crucial during Jewish weddings, where guests are known to get up and dance” during the meal.

The celebration was designed to seem like an elegant Italian dinner, complete with gold tableware and decorations and elaborate floral, herb, and fruit centerpieces.

According to the Daily Mail, Joelle spent over $22,500 on her wedding attire, which included a Duchesse-satin mermaid-style gown by a South Kensington designer and several diamonds and gold jewelry items. Joelle and Jonathan settled in a London house close to Joelle’s childhood home after marriage.

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