Who Is Madelyn Cline Dating: Who Has Madelyn Cline Dated?

let’s see Who Is Madelyn Cline Dating Madelyn Cline has sparked major romance rumors with Olivia Jade Giannulli‘s ex-boyfriend Jackson Guthy!n  While the actress didn’t share a name, it was confirmed in a December 2022 interview with The Cut that Madelyn did, indeed, have a boyfriend.

Is She In A Relationship?

Since Madelyn and Chase’s breakup on Outer Banks last year, many have been hoping that they would try again. Given that the ex-couple was back on set with each other and that they were both apparently single, this appeared possible for a long time.
Madelyn is undoubtedly not with Chase, but it has been established that she has taken herself off the market once more. The celebrity is reportedly “at the Malibu home she shares with her boyfriend and pets,” according to an article published in The Cut in December 2022(opens in new tab). Although she is eager to keep his identity a secret for the time being, things look serious with her current boyfriend.

Are Madelyn Cline and Jackson Guthy Dating?

Late in May 2022, a now-viral TikTok video of the Outer Banks actress visiting a wedding with Jackson ostensibly as her date set off romance speculations. He is a singer and Olivia Jade’s ex, according to the caption. “Wonder if he and Madelyn are more than just buddies or just a thing!”

Then, the Instagram rumor feed DeuxMoi added to the conversation. I have it on very good authority that Madelyn Cline is dating Jackson Guthy, the social media account said in an Instagram Stories alert. The post’s subject line stated, “Wedding pictures were a tip-off.”

The couple was also spotted having lunch together while out and about in Malibu as reports about their relationship gained momentum. Regarding relationship rumors, the musician and actress have remained silent.

Who is Jackson Guthy?

The musician, who was born and raised in California, has collaborated with a number of well-known figures. His debut EP, Launch, was released the following year after he went on tour with Big Time Rush and One Direction in 2012. Along with Cher Lloyd, Emblem3, and MKTO, Jackson has also performed on tour. Additionally, he was an infrequent participant in the North of Nine group.

Jackson and YouTuber Olivia Jade had a sporadic relationship from early 2019 through August 2021 before there were any allegations of a relationship with Madelyn.

In the past, who has Madelyn Cline dated?

She publicly dated her Outer Banks co-star Chase Stokes for well over a year before word of their breakup leaked in November 2021, before she was romantically linked to Jackson.

Who Is Madelyn Cline Dating

source: seventeen

Chase described his relationship with Madelyn to Us Weekly in February 2021 as “simply constantly been work-oriented – truly until the day we wrapped.” “Is there something here or am I crazy? was something we weren’t really asking ourselves until after that when we started to kind of get into the lockdown. It kind of blossomed from there, I suppose. The work was all that we were focused on, I believe.

Prior to the Jackson rumours, the actress from Knives Out 2 was also rumoured to be dating Ross Butler and Zack Bia after their breakup.

Boyfriend History



Jackson Guthy and Madelyn’s relationship was initially mentioned in May. She seemed to be going to a wedding with the 26-year-old musician, who was previously romantically linked to YouTuber Olivia Jade Giannulli until 2019.

Then, in June, pictures of the couple eating lunch in Malibu and shopping together surfaced. While they are both silent on the other’s social media, neither of them has publicly denied that a romance is developing.

Madelyn and Chase were reconciled at the People’s Choice Awards in December 2021, just before that month she was linked to Zach Bia. Prior to her 24th birthday, the two were seen leaving a Los Angeles restaurant together.

The 26-year-old DJ has stated, though, that they are merely pals. He said the following in a podcast interview with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy in January: “In no way are we dating. All the time, we hang out.”

Madelyn was connected to Ross Butler just before that, in November 2021. In another Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, the 32-year-old played the lead role.

They were “just pals,” according to Ross, who verified this to TMZ(opens in new tab). But he went on to further muddle matters by flirtatiously commenting on one of Madelyn’s Instagram images, which sparked speculations once more.

Chase was Madelyn’s previous partner, according to records. After playing love interests in the television series Outer Banks, she met the 30-year-old actor there. When they were forced to stay in quarantine together during the first pandemic lockdown in April 2020, they began to fall for one another in real life. That June, they made their relationship public.

But in 2021, the pair stopped communicating after frequently being seen together and posting sweetly romantic things on social media. Their breakup was revealed to E! News by a source in October of that year. They were trying to work things out discreetly, but split up a couple of months ago, an insider told People(opens in new tab).

When brand-new advertising for their Netflix series depicted them holding hands, fans were perplexed in February. Madelyn asserted, though, that they were merely acting out new scenes for Us Weekly at a Hollywood event in March.

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