Who Is Mbappe Dating: Was Miss Universe His Date?

Ines Rau is Kylian Mbappe’s reported girlfriend. but rumours are that he is cheating lets see Who Is Mbappe Dating: The French model was Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month for November 2017 and the first openly transgender Playmate. The two have reportedly been together for a few months now. They were first seen together at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year.

Who is Mbappe

Every team dreams of having a player of Kylian Mbappé’s calibre on their roster. The 20th of December, 1998 was the day he was born. In the world of football, there is no question that he is among the most talented young players currently on the scene. He has blistering speed with both feet and can play either the wing or the striker position for his team. He is currently a member of both the French national team and the Paris Saint-Germain team, which competes in League 1.

In 2015, when he was only 16 years old, he launched his career on the professional level by signing with the club Monaco. It is estimated that he is currently worth somewhere in the region of 160 million dollars and that he won the World Cup with France.

The player, who is now 23 years old, has played 290 times throughout his career and has scored 213 goals. The fact that Real Madrid came so close to acquiring Mbappe on a free transfer during the summer transfer window of 2022 made him one of the most talked-about players in the world. However, by offering him a bumper contract, PSG was successful in persuading him to extend his current deal for an additional two years.

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Who Is Mbappe Dating: Kylian Mbappé calls his girlfriend

The majority of football fans are familiar with Kylian Mbappe’s professional career as a star player for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). However, the Frenchman has always gone to additional lengths to protect the confidentiality of his private life. Fans should not expect to see Mbappe making a public appearance alongside his girlfriend as a result.

In the most recent few months, the 23-year-old was rumored to be dating the French actress Emma Smet, despite the fact that their relationship was never disclosed to the public. Despite this, the couple ultimately decided to part ways, which brought an end to their relationship.

Who Is Mbappe Dating

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In recent weeks, it was reported by MARCA that Kylian Mbappe has moved on from his previous relationship and is now dating another woman. Who exactly is the woman who is Kylian Mbappe’s current girlfriend? Ines Rau is my name.

Ines is a transgender model who shot to fame in November 2017 when Playboy’s Playmate of the Month selected her as that publication’s featured playmate. The transgender woman, now 32 years old, had gender reassignment surgery when she was between the ages of 16 and 18, but she did not come out as transgender until she was 24. She made history by being the first model to ever appear on the cover of Playboy magazine while openly transitioning genders.

At the Cannes film festival in May of this year, the two were seen spending time together on a yacht, where photographs were taken of the Frenchman supporting Rau while they were both there. After the picture went viral, rumours began to circulate that the two were involved in some sort of romantic relationship.

Who is Alicia Aylies

Alicia Aylies entered the world on April 21, 1998 on the island of Martinique, which is a part of France and is located in the Caribbean. Aylies graduated from the university in this area with a degree in law. She started her career in the modelling profession at a very young age. In 2016, Alicia was honoured with the title of “Miss Guyane.” Following that, she also made history by becoming the first woman from French Guiana to win the title of Miss France in 2017. Aylies was one of the contestants who attempted to win the title of Miss Universe, but she was unsuccessful.

Alicia Aylies was first brought to the attention of fans and media outlets when she was seen rooting for France at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Since then, she has been linked romantically to Kylian Mbappe. Mbappe displayed his heroics and showed why he is the best young player in football by performing exceptionally well in the match against Argentina.

He was named the tournament’s Best Young Player and scored four goals during the 2018 World Cup. After winning the title of Miss France 2017, Alicia Aylies is not only famous for being Mbappe’s girlfriend, but also for the accomplishments she has achieved in her own right. After that, she competed in the Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas in 2017, where she represented her country. The stunning woman’s accomplishment catapulted her to the forefront of public attention overnight.

Kylian Mbappe Fifa 22

In March 2020, all sports were off because of Covid-19, but now all football sports were called up for the France team for UEFA Euro 2020, his 2nd major international championship, on May 18, 2021. You may get here. Who is better, Messi or Mbappe?

Mbappe scored his first goal in the World Cup 2022 qualifiers on November 13, 2021, with 4 goals in a massive 8-0 victory over Kazakhstan in Qatar 2022 World Cup competition and was selected to play FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar as a France footballer in the 26-man squad. The France team played against Australia in the first round of the World Cup 2022 and won the tournament on November 23, 2022.

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