Who is Sheree Whitfield Dating? Whitfield Has Confirmed Her Relationship With Holt

Sheree Whitfield of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fame is dating Martell Holt. They’ve been seen hanging out together in Atlanta on multiple occasions. Recent Instagram photos of hers have caused many admirers to speculate on the condition of their relationship before she confirmed the news with TMZ.

Who is Sheree Whitfield Dating?

Andy Cohen asked the RHOA vet, “How would you describe your love life right now?” during her interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on July 17. Whitfield cracked a grin and revealed that she is dating on the side. “I’m having a great time getting to know a specific person.”

Whitfield was seen with minister and businessman Chris Fletcher and his wife in a number of Instagram images. Fletcher is a close friend of Holt and previously counseled Holt and Sheree during their marriage.. He’s made several appearances on the OWN show.

The clergyman from Alabama posted an online snapshot of the two of them together, as well as a photo of Whitfield with his wife.


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Queen Naija’s Bad Boy Song and Flowers on Whitfield’s Instagram Story Spark Dating Rumors with NFL Player Jaylon Holt

When they got back to the car, Holt let Whitfield in through the passenger door.

Flowers shared by Whitfield on her Instagram Story have fueled speculation that she is dating Holt. According to Urban Belle Mag, a Queen Naija song titled “Bad Boy” was incorporated into the story as well. Naja sings about her deep bond with a wicked boy in this song. The caption Whitfield chose for the photo said, “Love our connection.”

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Whitfield Has Confirmed Her Relationship With Holt

Whitfield Has Confirmed Her Relationship With Holt

TMZ, who already had further footage and photographs of the couple together, received confirmation of the relationship from her.

Whitfield explained that she and Holt had a common acquaintance.

It’s safe to say he’s acquainted with my circle of pals. Several members of my family have already met him,” she stated.’

On what they’re doing, she said, “I don’t know. We’ve been just hanging out. And I’m enjoying life right now.” She also said he’s been helping her with She By Sheree.

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