Who is the Killer on Based on a True Story And Who Has Been Murdered?

The first season of CK’s Based on a True Story concluded with a shocking cliffhanger that could affect the entire cast in the upcoming second season. What happened, and what’s going to happen next with these people? Check it out!

Spoilers for Season 1 of Based on a True Story

To kick off the show, Nathan (Chris Messina) and Ava (Kaley Cuoco) are arguing. He lost his job teaching tennis at a club, she is having trouble making a living as a real estate agent, and they are expecting a child at a time when money is tight. They make friends with Matt (Tom Bateman), a plumber, who gives them a discount on a new toilet.

Ava quickly comes to believe that Matt is the notorious serial killer known as the West Side Ripper. Ava, a true-crime enthusiast, realizes that she is correct, but instead of reporting Matt to the police, she suggests that he establish a podcast in which he discusses the killings and his motivations while using a disguise. Once they’ve made it big, they may hand him over to the authorities.

Things go wrong when Matt takes control of the podcast and lies about stopping the killings to increase listenership. Ava and Nathan find out too late that they’ve become accessories, which means they’ll be arrested along with Matt.

Matt kills his nosy next-door neighbor Ruby after the podcast is canceled because of an outcry over glorifying a murderer. He went on to say that he intended to start a podcast highlighting “marginalized” killers.

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Who Is The Killer in Based On A True Story?

Who Is The Killer in Based On A True Story

Matt’s murder of Ruby shocked Ava and Nathan at first, but then they understood that Ruby had been planning to turn them in. Ruby had left some information with the police, but her family still opted to bury her remains. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Matt and Ava’s sister Tory (Liana Liberato) had actually been dating the whole time he was shown obviously following her. It was unclear if he intended to kill her as well, and it appeared that she did not know who he was.

In the last scene, Ava and Nathan were cleaning up Ruby’s blood in the kitchen when her mentally ill husband came home. Since Tory is dating a murderer and they have to wheedle their way out of this murder, anything might happen.

There has been no official word on whether or not this means Season 2 will be ordered. However, Based on a True Story has a lot more of its own story to tell, and the show gives the impression that the escapades of our twisted three are just beginning.

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