Who is Tyrese Dating Now? Examining His Romance Life

The well-known musician and actor Tyrese Gibson has been in major motion pictures including Baby Boy, Transformers, and Fast & Furious. He has also recorded albums as a singer, including 2000 Watts and Alter Ego.

But how was his romantic life? Tyrese Gibson is now dating who? Who has he dated in the past? This is a synopsis of his past relationships and present situation.

Who is Tyrese Dating Now?

Zelie Timothy is an Instagram model and influencer who is 27 years old and now dating Tyrese Gibson. Following their sighting together during the NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta in March 2021, the couple made their romance public.

Who is Tyrese Dating Now?
Who is Tyrese Dating Now?

Though there have been some recent public hiccups in Tyrese and Zelie Timothy’s relationship, things presently seem to be going fairly well. On her 28th birthday, the singer surprised her with a brand-new white Land Rover Defender as a way to express his love.

Like he usually does, Tyrese posted photos of the new vehicle to Instagram along with a lengthy commentary. He penned:

“Happy birthday I love you so much!!! As I’m screaming, happy birthday to you, happy birthday doesn’t quite mean to me what it may mean for most. “Me, and you both met at one of the most fragile and uncertain moments of our lives…..”

He continued:

“Both of us, fresh out of relationships that we’re [sic] both five years both having live-in partners that we shared our lives with…both having girls that were [sic] raising both out here trying to figure out who and what to connect to…”


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Tyrese Gibson and Zelie Timothy Bond

The couple didn’t mind flaunting their love and humorous moments as they grew closer. Zelie just made a lighthearted comment on Instagram Live on March 26, 2023:

“He wasn’t my type at all. My type is actually Paul Walker, rest in peace. He wasn’t my type at all. And my type is not white. I was just more interested in Paul.”

The 44-year-old actor exclaimed, “Don’t touch me!”  after learning of his co-star’s confession.

Zelie uttered: “Even when I met him, I was like, ‘Eh, he’s kinda old.’ I just like his smile.”

Tyrese continued and added:

“His personality was OK, but he didn’t understand the Instagram model thing. He would always talk down on Instagram models. this went really bad. This just went really bad, really fast.”

Are Zelie Timothy and Tyrese Gibson Parents?

Zelie Timothy and Tyrese Gibson are not parents to any children. Zelie has no biological children of her own, but Tyrese has two children from his past marriages. She frequently shares pictures and videos of Tyrese’s children Shayla and Soraya on her Instagram account, suggesting that she gets along well with them.

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She also refers to Tyrese’s children as her “bonus mom.” Tyrese shared a photo of himself and his daughter Soraya on Instagram along with the following caption:

“Oct 1st [ daughter Soraya turns 5 years old! Whoa!!!!!The joys were bittersweet and yet beaurful ]”

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