Who Killed Zeke In Power Book 2 Ghost? What Happened To Zeke?

Starz has released the sequel to the ‘Power’ series, titled ‘Power Book II: Ghost. The protagonist, Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), is the son of the original series villain, and he kills his father at the conclusion of that show.

In order to fulfill his vow to his mother and live a regular life, he enrolls at Stansfield University in Queens, New York. Yet his father’s past follows him as he sells drugs to other students to make ends meet, and he soon crosses up with the vicious Tejada clan.

Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross, portrayed by Daniel Bellomy, is a pivotal figure in the first two seasons of “Power Book II: Ghost.” His death changes the lives of many people in the program, notably his mother Monet Stewart Tejada (Mary J. Blige), and the person responsible for his death. We’ve got the details on what happened to Zeke and who murdered him if you’re curious.

What Happened To Zeke?

What Happened To Zeke

Stansfield is so eager to get Zeke to their squad that they push his roommate Tariq to educate him despite the fact that he is not nearly as smart as Zeke is on the basketball court. Zeke, who thinks Monet is his aunt, introduces Tariq to her as the two boys get closer. Monet tells Zeke he is “too precious” for the family to get involved in a quarrel.

Ezekiel starts having romantic feelings for one of his instructors, Caridad “Carrie” Milgram (Melanie Liburd). In the penultimate episode of season 2, Zeke goes to see Detective Kevin Whitman (Jeff Hephner) to find out whether the police still consider Carrie’s death a suicide.

Whitman suspects that Zeke knows more than he’s letting on, so he prods him gently to find out more, but Zeke quickly leaves. When they finally reunite, Whitman shows Zeke a picture of Monet obtained by a traffic camera not far from Carrie’s apartment that, according to the coroner, was taken within the time frame of her death.

When Zeke learns that Whitman has reason to believe Monet murdered Carrie, he quickly fabricates an alibi for her by saying she was on her way to pick him up.

As Dru Tejada (Lovell Adams-Gray) unexpectedly left, Zeke tracked him down to inquire whether he had lied to him. It is then hinted that he is to board his father’s private plane and depart from New York. He is fatally shot in the back as he approaches the aircraft.

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Who Killed Zeke?

Dante “Mecca” Spears (played by Daniel Sunjata) and Monet are the parents of Zeke. Monet, in the second season finale, acts as though she agrees with Mecca’s plot to kill her husband, Lorenzo (Berto Colon). Mom gives orders to Lorenzo Tejada Jr., their oldest son (Woody McClain). But she and her family, along with Tariq, are plotting to murder Mecca behind her back.

Cane is spared the horror of having to kill his father as Lorenzo and Tariq misdirect an ambush designed for the former and convert it into a slaughter of Mecca’s soldiers. Once Mecca asks Monet to send Tariq to her place, he goes there of his own will. Nevertheless, Monet has already slain Mecca by the time he arrives.

Lorenzo, however, has been kept in the dark about this and is still convinced that he has the right to murder Mecca. As he reaches the airport, he mistakes a random guy for Mecca and kills him. He finds that he truly murdered Zeke much later. Knowing that his wife would murder him if she found out, he has been careful to hide this secret from her.

Reflecting on his character’s fate, Bellomy told Deadline,

“You know, we wanted Zeke to go on and to leave his family, be an NBA star, and just soar. But, in the end, he ran back to his mom and it cost him his life. Zeke was just so innocent. I’m so sad that Zeke had to go because I love him so much, but as much as one wants to be gangsta on Power, he was just so innocent and so good. I don’t know that I ever wanted to see him go bad. I think he was too far in it to either not get caught up in the crossfire or have to go bad, and I don’t know what that would’ve looked like.”

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