Who Was The Killer In Scream 2 And The Potential Killers?

The whodunnit mystery in each film contributes to the series’ overall appeal. The show’s meta-commentary on the horror genre while still functioning inside it has earned it a lot of acclaims. But, the intrigue of never knowing who is really hidden behind Ghostface isn’t given the respect it deserves.

The murderer in the “Scream” films is never an outsider or supernatural force, which contributes to the franchise’s unsettling atmosphere. Whenever Sidney Prescott is victimized, it is by someone she knows and trusts but who has betrayed her.

This is a significant factor in the movie’s emotional impact. We’ve all had our trust broken at some time, but (particularly in the aftermath of #MeToo) women may relate to Sidney’s paranoia that her partner is plotting her death.

Neve Campbell’s character, Sidney, has a trust issue in “Scream 2.” Sid has left Woodsboro and is now pursuing further education elsewhere. She has a lover and a small group of close pals, all of whom are put on edge when murders reminiscent of those committed by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher in “Scream 1” begin to occur.

Not until the dramatic climax in the university auditorium do we learn who is out to assassinate Sidney and why.

Who Was The Killer In Scream 2?

Mickey is the first to be named as the murderer. Mickey, played by an older Timothy Olyphant (before he became famous for his role in “Justified”), had been dropping hints about his culpability from the beginning. TV Tropes describes him as having “creeper written all over him” due to his movie fetish, “don’t trust me” ’90s hairdo, and Kubrickian look.

Every single one of these things has been planned out. Mickey hopes to be apprehended so he can blame movies for his violent tendencies and become a cause celebre among the Tipper Gore crowd.

With the introduction of Court TV and the well-publicized trials of O.J. Simpson and Lyle and Erik Menendez, “Scream 2” was released. In the 1990s, crime stories seemed to be included in every newscast. Whether the killings were open and shut, like Selena’s by Yolanda Saldivar, or unsolved and baffling, like those of JonBenet Ramsey, Tupac Shakur, and The Notorious B.I.G.

It’s understandable that Mickey would see murder as a means to instant popularity at a period when even Judge Lance Ito from the O.J. case became a star. Mickey needed a sponsor to cover his school expenses, however, for his scheme to succeed. Mrs. Loomis has arrived.

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The Murderers Who Were Not But May Have Been

The antagonists of “Scream 2” weren’t always Mickey and Mrs. Loomis. As one of the first cases of screenplay leakage on the internet, the film was a victim. According to the Nerdist’s account, Sid’s boyfriend and best friend/roommate were supposed to become Ghostface.

The site said that “[Kevin] Williamson had to retool his tale as filming progressed” after the leak of that particular piece of information. The actors’ identities were kept concealed from anybody who didn’t need to know in order to stop the leaks.

Is the lover the murderer once more? Boh-ring! The release of the unfinished ending forced Williamson, the film’s screenwriter, to come up with a better one. And that’s without even mentioning how much fun Metcalf and Olyphant had been insane and murderous. Could Jerry O’Connell match Laurie Metcalf’s crazy intensity? No one will ever find out.

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