The Rise of Manga: Why Japanese Comics Are More Popular than American Comics?

With an estimated USD 12.13 billion in sales worldwide by 2022, Japanese mangas have cemented their place in the hearts of comic book fans everywhere. Between 2023 and 2030, the market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 17.4.

In light of manga’s meteoric surge in popularity, it’s natural to wonder what’s behind the genre’s success and why American comics don’t enjoy the same level of acclaim.


The great variety of styles found in manga and anime is a major factor in the medium’s widespread appeal. You can find a good story about just about anything in a manga comic collection, and there are plenty to choose from. Almost any genre imaginable is represented in the manga, from romance and suspense to fantasy and science fiction to history and the LGBTQ community.

On the other hand, American comics center largely around made-up adventures with heroic fictional characters. As a result of the pioneers in the field branching out into new areas, you can today find a wider range of genres in American comic books. Is it as diverse as manga, though? No, not just yet.

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Manga Is Accessible To All

Manga’s greatest strength is that it caters to a wide variety of audiences. You can find books that cater to your interests whether you are a child, a teen, an adult, a man, or a woman. However, the American comic book industry’s focus on superheroes and other fictional characters tends to cater mostly to male readers.

This doesn’t disprove that American comic books have female readers. Naturally, there is zero correlation between the gender binary and one’s comedy selection. Nonetheless, it has been said that comic books are still primarily created by men and primarily feature male protagonists and themes.

Despite these assertions, manga has the upper hand because of their distinct categories of Shonen and Seinen (aimed at male readers) and Josei and Shojo (aimed at female readers).

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Major Material

Mangas, when compared in terms of material or number of chapters, far outnumber American comics. The former is typically 32 pages long whereas the latter might run anywhere from 180 to 220 pages across multiple volumes and chapters. The price may be steep for manga fans, but the extensive material makes up for it.

Correct Experiments

Despite widespread disapproval, manga authors frequently take risks in their storytelling. Characters who are daring, invigorating, and up-to-date are more likely to be included in manga. Comics published in the United States, on the other hand, tend to stick closer to home.

They’ve nailed down their target demographic, and their comics reflect it. What, they never try anything new? In a word, no. The problem is simply that the business world needs to catch on to their game to the same degree that manga readers did.

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