Willow Pill Illness: Her Suffers From a Rare Disease!

When Season 14 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” premiered, Willow Pill already had a strong fan base. NBC reports that after only a few episodes, Chicago’s queen has joined the ranks of internet celebrities like Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté and Kerri Colby as the most talked about figures in the world.

The pill is unlike the rest since she has survived and is a contender for the program’s top prize, if not the competition itself, especially now that her rival Bosco’s facial traits are drawing unwanted attention.

Even though Pill was unprepared for the avalanche of ardent lovers that met her on the long-running reality show, she has acknowledged that being different surely meant a lot to people watching at home, many of whom feel a unique kinship with her because of this.


By coming out as transgender in a heartfelt tweet, Pill won over many more fans. The journey has been challenging for the Denver native because of the time commitment her illness requires.

What is the reality star going through daily, considering that the pill has admitted to being unwell on the programme several times and that her drag name also references her ailment?

Willow Pill Suffers From a Rare Disease

In her coming out piece, Willow Pill said, “My sickness has caused me so much physical and emotional agony that my body has become something I’ve always wanted to get free of.” She also disclosed that, after years of treatment, she developed “medical PTSD.”

Billboard says the drug has cystinosis. The National Kidney Foundation characterises it as a rare but potentially fatal illness that typically manifests in early childhood and continues to impact patients throughout their lifetimes.

Willow Pill Illness
Willow Pill Illness

They explained that cystinosis is a condition characterised by an abnormal accumulation of the amino acid cysteine. This condition can cause harm to “many different parts of the body…including the eyes, muscles, brain, heart, white blood cells, thyroid, and pancreas.”

Various treatments exist, but as Pill has learned firsthand, they can have severe consequences for one’s well-being. During her appearance on “Meet the Queens,” Pill revealed that she regularly consumes upwards of twenty pills (via YouTube).

The “Drag Race” star wrote on Twitter that it took her a long time to learn to love herself after all that her body had been through. While speaking with EW, Pill disclosed that coming to terms with her medical trauma brought her to the realisation that she is transgender.

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