Zac Efron Admits That His Death Was Near

Zac Efron talked to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday at the Toronto International Film Festival about the severe injury and plastic surgery claims that have been swirling about him in anticipation of his new film, The Greatest Beer Run Ever. Efron claimed he was close to death after the accident that fractured his jaw.

Efron said he hadn’t given much thought to the “funny” rumors that he’s had plastic surgery to change the appearance of his face. What I know, Mom told me. ‘I don’t care because I never actually read the internet,’ he said. Instead, Efron’s jaw was broken, and his mouth wired shut after he stumbled in a puddle of water outside his house in 2013.

Zac Efron Admits That His Death Was Near

Efron said Tuesday that he nearly died in the accident and needed stitches for a gash he received. The humor struck him, and he admitted it. It isn’t enjoyable. I thought my life was over, but thankfully, we’re alright. During an interview with Men’s Health earlier this month, Efron discussed the effects of the injury on his face. He explained that the masseter muscles surrounding the face usually work in harmony with the other facial muscles, but his injury disrupted this harmony.

Despite speculation that the High School Musical graduate underwent plastic surgery, Efron has maintained that he avoids social media as much as possible. If I cared about what other people thought of me—at least as much as they would think I cared about it—they would be mistaken. To paraphrase, he said, “I definitely would not be able to do this assignment.”

Bennett continues praising Medina Spirit’s sculpted looks, including a jawline resembling Zac Efron, while explaining the horse’s failed drug test. Although this is only a short jest, it demonstrates how Efron’s expression caused many to wonder what had happened.

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