Is Zendaya pregnant? Fans Lose Their Cool, a TikTok Video Goes Viral

The hashtag “#Zendayaispregnant” shot to the top of the trending list on Twitter on June 14 after a bogus TikTok post claiming the “Spider-Man” actress was pregnant appeared on the platform. In a panic, fans of the “Euphoria” actor rushed to the microblogging site, only to learn that the story was entirely made up.

It all started when a TikTok user faked a photo of Zendaya clutching an ultrasound image of her unborn child, and the idea was re-posted on Twitter. In the fake photo caption, it said, “I love you. The actress’s boyfriend, Tom Holland, was tagged in a post that read, “Halfway there” with a red heart emoji. A quick look at the replies to the tweet revealed that their deception had been met with widespread derision online.

Zendaya pregnant

Is Zendaya pregnant?

Zendaya is not pregnant since she is so focused on her career. The rumors of Zendaya’s pregnancy had been circulating on the internet. In January 2022, a photo of the 25-year-old actress with a fake baby bump on the red carpet went viral. Neither Zendaya nor her actor boyfriend, Tom Holland, addressed the rumors, which turned out to be incorrect.

However, in a December 2021 interview with People magazine, Tom Holland expressed his wish to start a family. I like kids. I’m willing to wait, and I will wait, to become a dad. The actor once said, “If there’s a wedding or party, you can always find me at the kids’ table.” A fantastic model for me has always been my father,” he remarked. I credit him for teaching me this. Therefore, I am considering entering teaching, perhaps at the elementary school level.

Fans Post funny words on Twitter

Someone said, “If Zendaya is pregnant, today is my final day on earth,” while someone else said, “Zendaya is going to be astonished as hell when she finds out on Twitter that she’s pregnant.” One person even went so far as to say, “I refuse to acknowledge that Zendaya is pregnant. After all, we’re tweeting right now. Almost every single tweet on this service contains some type of untruth or unsupported allegation or is otherwise a biased rumor. As of this tweet, I have seen no proof.

Zendaya learning of her pregnancy on Twitter: THIS IS WHY SHE DOESN’T CONVERSE WITH US, read one tweet. “It’s insane asf that people actually assume Zendaya is pregnant because of a TikTok joke,” one person commented. A Twitter user reasoned, “There’s no way Zendaya is pregnant; y’all are just on drugs.”

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